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The Music in the Hall Blog: Starting

Posted May 10 by Daniel

Starting is the hardest part, they say.  The hardest part of what, they don’t say, but I do believe they’re onto something.

Music in the Hall has been through a few phases in its 8 years of existence.  When I moved to Chicago in Summer 2013, we hosted 3 great MITH shows here while continuing to host shows in Oxford.  A little over a year later, we did a show in Taylor, MS at Plein Air, and 2 more since in Oxford in the original venue.  Video of those shows is starting to trickle out.  More on that in a bit.

One of my goals when I moved to Chicago was to simplify my life.  At one point around the 2nd or 3rd year of Music in the Hall I had 2 part-time jobs, a freelance career, and THEN my music projects (blog, radio show, festival, column, talent buying at 1 venue, other projects….and Music in the Hall).   Surprisingly, that wasn’t working.  By 2013, I knew Music in the Hall was what I was supposed to be doing, but I had to figure out a better way to do it.  I was drowning. Part of simplifying was learning to say “no” to new projects that I would have loved to have worked on.  I’m happy to report, that after stepping away from everything for a couple years, I now have only one full-time job (that I love!) and only one side project, Music in the Hall. The beautiful thing is I learned and continue to learn most of the skills required for my current job by producing Music in the Hall.  The transition from programmer to content creator wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t just started doing it and learned on the job.

This post is a bit personal, because this project is personal.  I wore too many hats over the first few years of MITH, but I’m finally learning to delegate.  I’ll be introducing you to our new video editor and the rest of the team here over the next several days.  While I am now based in Chicago, the Oxford team is ready to make shows happen every 2-3 months with or without me there (I intend, and want, to be there most of the time!).  Shows in Chicago will resume summer/fall 2016.

Today we start the Music in the Hall Blog.  Look for updates leading up to the May 19 event at The Lyric Oxford (more below) and frequent updates thereafter.  So much great video is headed your way!

Speaking of, have you watched the most recent videos of Andrew Bryant and Reels?  Check them out below along with event details, and look for more here tomorrow.  We bloggin baby.

Andrew Bryant – “Do What You Love”

Reels – “Bad Coffee”

Above: Still captures from our most recent show in Oxford in March featuring Brooke Waggoner, Tyler Keith and the Apostles, Alex Culbreth, and the MITH House Band (click image to enlarge)

Playlist: MITH Flashback

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