Sustaining Backers

Thanks so much to Music in the Hall’s Sustaining Backers.

Their locations range from Oxford, Mississsippi to Rastede, Germany, and they make Music in the Hall possible.

Click here to become a Sustaining Backer today.

Andrea Staten
Andrew Richardson
Angie Littlejohn
Angie Williams
Ann Marie Bender
Ann Gill
Bart Smith
Beth Ziegenhorn
Billy Huff
Billy McBeath
Bob Osterman
Brenda West
Chad Redditt
Chris Riddell
Courtney Snyder
Danielle St.Ours
David McElwee
David Salinero
David Kincaid
David Shirley
Denise Gilbert
Derek Moreton
Dewitt Fortenberry
Don Alexander
Donna Ruth Roberts
Dorothy Laurenzo
Doug Davis
Ervin Robinson
Farish Percy

Jay Carmean
Jeff Aker
Jeshua Mitchell
Jeff Dennis
Jessica Dennis
JoAnne Oliver
Joel Mason
John Hardy
John Marsalis
John Webb
Josiah Coleman
Judy Riddell
Kate Kenwright
Kate Read
Keith McCarthyø
Kevin Frye
Krisi Allen
Lane McCluer
Leslee Linn
Libby Greene
Linda Alexander
Locke Phillips
Lucky Tucker
Macon Dukes
Mariamne Young
Mark Nelson
Mary Morgan Powers
Meladie Webb
Meredith Martin

Michael Hougendobler
Milly West
Peter Askew
Peter Wilkinson
Peyton Smith
Po Lutken
Rest West
Rick Rafnson
Robert and Jane Pekala
Rose Spears
Rusty Fortenberry
Sarah Frances Hardy
Sean Courtney
Sean Kaufman
Seth Foster
Steve Wooten
Stuart Irby
Stuart McCluer
Tad Wilkes
Thomas Smith
Thomas Tann
Timothy Shank
Timothy Snow
Todd Threadgill
Valley Gordon
Vince Vinson
Will Rogers
William S. Dolinsky
Wren Greene

If I’ve left you off this list, please accept my apology and send me an email here.

While we’re giving thanks…

A big thanks to the folks who made the Kickstarter campaign in 2010 a success.

Kevin W. Frye
Lisa Chandler
Rose Spears
Jeff Dennis
Yokna Bottoms Farm (Doug Davis)
Todd Threadgill
Shannon McNally
Tad Wilkes (who also contributed a great guitar)
Emily Eskew
Libby and Wren Greene
Rest West
Catherine Woodyard
Melanie Addington
Stuart McCluer
Derek Moreton
Wendell Haag
Adam Morgan
Steve Wooten
Robert J. Osterman
Gary Wright
Kate Read
Chris Root
Ben Gowdey
Mitchell Hepburn
Steve Bozeman Jr
Jennifer & Jimbo Mathus
John Marsalis
Wayne Irby
Sandra Beasley
Rebecca Bourgeois

Scott Barretta
Mark Nelson
Robert J Pekala
Mary Margaret Andrews
Leo Seicshnaydre
Kevin Guyer
Patti Trippeer
Kate and Case Embry
Cindy Grant
Shannon Lovejoy
Ben Ware
James D Phillips Jr
Clyde McGee
Meredith Martin
Lucy Read Coolidge
Mark Moehle
Rob Cornelius
Robert Winkler
Beth Blaha
Jon W. Norris
John Hardy
Drew Stevens
Kevin Eskew
Chad Redditt
Lisa Harrison
Ferriday Mansel McClatchy
Ann Scott Barrett
Jeff Dennis
Mark Shoemake
Gin-Gin and Eric Carlton
Brenda and Rusty Hawkins
Jamey and Rosamond Posey

Robert Malone
Charlie Mars
Butch Gilbert
Darryl Morrow
Dee Hobbs
Margaret Hobbs
Carroll Gunn
Angela Redden
Linda Alexander
Joe Austin
Retha Yates McClinton
Matthieu Dessier
Jasmine Karlowski
Pepper Raper
Chris Dantone
Cal Meeks
Jennifer Jane Niceley
Will and Leah Garland
Ron Blaylock
Linda Abbott
Vance Justice
Austin Marshall
Molly Garland
Steve Stein
Duff Dorrough
Ted Ownby
The Lyric Oxford
Megan Shannon
David Gilmore
Marge McCauley
Ashley Allen
Kate Kellum
Sarah Kathryn Dossett

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